Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Comments should be working now, my carelessness exceeds me at times.
Ace job Toniko on the two posts :)

"068. Make others understand.
It is more excellent than making them remember, for intelligence is much greater than memory. Sometimes you should remind other people, and other times counsel them about the future. Some people failed to do things that were ripe for doing simply because it never occurred to them. Let friendly advice point out the advantages. One of the greatest gifts is to size up quickly what matters. When this is lacking, many successes go undone. Let the person who has light give it to others, and let those who lack it ask for it, the former with prudence, and the latter with discretion, merely dropping a hint. This delicacy is especially necessary when the person giving advice has something at stake. It is best to show good taste and to be more explicit only when insinuation is not enough. A "no" has already been given, and you can now search skillfully for a "yes." Most of the time things are not obtained because they were not attempted."