Friday, July 17, 2009
Life, quite a mysterious entity that come with quite a package to handle with all it's
musing and realities. I'm finally editing this template and will further do so in hopes that I can fully customize it to my liking.

I've mostly been reading the grand teachings of Baltasar Gracian and will take it upon myself to post a few extracts every now and then. Think of it as a sort of "a better you" a day at a time, that is, of course, I continue to do such frequent updates.

In the mean time enjoy the "Mood Enhancer" with select pieces that I hold dear to my heart due to one reason or another. They are that of the trip-hop genre,ambient and just generally what I,myself, consider good music, as most of us have to come to realise that good music has died off many eons ago and only pieces of it are scattered and compressed by the sheer demand (dominance) of mainstream music, but when we do finally find them its value matches that of a diamond.

"077. Adapt yourself to everyone else.
A Proteus of discretion. Learned with the learned, saintly with saints. This is a great way to capture the goodwill of others, for similarity generates benevolence. Observe people's temperaments, and adapt yourself accordingly. Whether you're with a serious person or a jovial one, follow the current, and politely transform yourself. This is especially true of those who depend on others. It is a great stratagem for living prudently, and it requires much capacity. It is less difficult for the person with a well-informed intellect and varied tastes."